Studio Venezia / Xavier Veilhan

Venice Art Biennale 2017 in Venice, Italy
French Pavillion “Studio Venezia
Designed by Xavier Veilhan
Visited in October 2017

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The end of the Biennale

The other day, I found the catalogue of the 1st Venice biennale of architecture in 1980, “the presence of the past”. I was amazed how much still powerful that exhibition was and asked myself why biennale or art/architecture exhibitions have become so boring today. I don’t mean artwork uninteresting, but the notion or act of exhibition don’t seem any longer as exciting as before. Probably it is because we’re living in the world of so many information of all means : images, videos and texts through the web, a virtual world. You don’t need to go to exhibition any more since your smartphone shows you all. Indeed, it is great to be easily accessible to the art ; some sort of democratization.

So I came to Venice and spent a day in Venice Art Biennale. As usual, way too much stuffs are here. I found it difficult to find some artwork to impress me…until I entered into Studio Venezia by Xavier Veilhan in French Pavilion. It is about experimental music performance in several acoustic rooms. One plays live, another makes sound by computer (MIDI) and the other mix two sounds then diffuses to the headphones of the audience. I found this absolutely brilliant because Xavier Veilhan turned boring exhibition into perfectly cool ephemeral music performance : time art. Also it allows visitors spatial experience through different acoustic rooms. Definitely this is something that you can never get to know virtually, unless you really come to feel it.

Bravo Studio Venezia. Hopefully, see Studio Seoul someday.

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