75018 + 75019, North side of Paris

18th and19th boroughs of Paris in France
Visited in June 2015

Once it used to be a little scary with delinquent… But now it’s become “hip” neighborhood of Paris : with newly finished Philharmonie of Paris, Basin La Villette, Cent quatre culture centre, Eole garden, La Halle Pajol, La Villette park etc.

Boulevard Barbes, a little Africa in Paris with good vibes.IMG_0585 copy

Along the basin La Villette, lots of bars and cafes have been open, just like Canal Saint Martin.

St Christopher’s Inn Paris Canal, designed by Chaix & Morel associated. Interesting architecture language to create a pair of the original & the copy buidling. External shade would have been better with more refined form & treatment.

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Centquatre culture centreP1060437 copy

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Building of Des Amiraux Swimming Pool (Piscine des Amiraux)
Designed by Henri Sauvage around 1922-1927
Social housing influenced by hygienism movement

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