Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel | 몽생미셸 수도원

Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel,in Normandy, France,
Mainly constructed between the 11th and 16th centuries,
Visited in May 2012

This place is the most touristic place in the world, since it attracts the best numbers of visitors from all over the world.
In fact, it is just an abbey and some villages around in the quicksand area, which can be very dangerous, in the sea.

But imagine a little more. This must have been such an isolated place, a complete hermitage.
Depending on how you feel, it was either a place of heaven or a prison.
Those who had built this complex of buildings, had time, patience and skill.
As my Dad said, they should have done nothing but these stone works for all their life.
This architecture is a result of over 500 years works, done little by little.
That is probably why this is so famous.

As I repeat, I don’t like the mediaval architecture (too oppressing). But worth a visit, of course!

Mont Saint Michel
Mont Saint Michel Section in 1875

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Photography taken by Kim, Jung Myung