Maison de verre | Glass house (by Pierre CHAREAU)

Maison de Verre (Glass house),
in Paris, France
constructed in 1932
by architect Pierre CHAREAU
visited in December 2011

Simply, this house is the most beautiful house that I’ve ever seen in my life so far.
Elegant but practical. Romantic but innovative. Just brilliant!
If you like design and architecture, you won’t regret to pay 40 euros for the visit.
To bad not to be able to take pictures inside the house.

아주 간단히 말해, 내 생애 최고의 집, maison de verre (메종 드 베르).
우아하나 실용적이고, 낭만적이나 혁신적인…절묘한… 내가 꿈꾸던 그런 집.

Front facade of Maison de verre at night

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Info for the visit (reservation in advance by email)
Article from the wall street journal on this house
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Photos of the inside