Yohji Making Waves at the Wapping Project, London

Exhibition ‘Yohji Making Waves’ by Yohji Yamamoto
at arts center ‘the Wapping Project‘ in London, UK
in July 2011

This charming factory building used to be a hydraulic Power Station (built in 1890). Now it is converted to an art center called ‘the Wapping Project’ and a restaurant called ‘Wapping Food’.
This summer, Japanese fashion designer, Yohji Yamamoto exhibited an excellant installation art work called ‘Yohji Making Waves’.
He filled the exhibition space with water and installed a upside down costume. A right image appears only beneath the water by reflection.
Visitor in boat creates waves.
Reflected costume image in the water also moves with waves. Wow this is simple but brillant.

The Wapping Project, London, UK


Wapping Food,a day when a wedding ceremony was shedueled.


Yohji Making Waves, this is of genius.


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