Lamma Island, Hong Kong

At Lamma Island, Hong Kong,
in May 2011

This is embarassing. At Lamma, on Sunday afternoon, some hippy looking relaxed foreigners are playing ‘Petanque’ (very Southern French game) in the street. Lamma island is a weekend destination for hong kong people and a place of living for those who look for a quiet country lifestyle in Hong Kong. Lamma is quiet and relaxing. The only aggressive things at Lamma are the MOSQUITOS!

Hong Kong ferry in the rain
Arriving at Lamma Island on a rainy Sunday.
Ceiling of the open air sea food restaurant, in Lamma island
View from the top to the Power station at Lamma Island
Strangely, most of the building in Hong Kong put the pipes outside. If someone know the reason, I'd like to know why.