Venice Architecture Biennale 2010

Venice Architecture Biennale 2010
People Meet in Architecture
In Venice, Italy
In November 2010

Globally I prefer the biennale of this year than that of 2008. Projects are more interesting…Even if I agree that many of projects does’t match to the theme of this biennale ‘ People meet in Architecture’…I might not fully understand them…Or it doesn’t even really matter.

Some projects were just brilliant. Mostly well selected projects. I’m wondering if it’s thanks to the director of this biennale, ‘Kazuyo Sejima’.

And some pavillions of so-called ‘major’ countries (France, Great Britain and Germany) were so disappointing and have nothing new, nothing special…Especially the French pavillion was a disaster…they didn’t make any effort. Are they getting too old?

One thing that I clearly have noticed is that people seem to feel tired of  the blob architecture. Projects in rustic and  handicraft style are back again and those fascinates the visitors (see the works of Andrea Branzi, Studio Mumbai architects and Aldo Cibic).