On Mount Fuji, you can’t see Mount Fuji | 후지산에서는 후지산이 보이지 않는다..

Mount Fuji in Clear Weather by Hokusai

Mount Fuji (about 150 km west of Tokyo),
the highest mountain in Japan at 3,776 m.

Mrs. and Mr. Ito, my sister Shinae’s Japanese friends kindly invited us to a daytrip to Mount Fuji.

Yes, Mount Fuji, the symbol of Japan, big and upright!

What I had expected to see was like this Hokusai’s painting.

But the weather on Mount Fuji is notorious for its fog. On Mount Fuji, we could hardly see Mount Fuji. The fog had barely lifted when the mountain began to fog up again.
The rarity of  its clear view probably makes Mount Fuji more sacred and mysterious.

Thick Fog makes Mount Fuji rare to see.
Walk around the 5th station. Impressive contrast of the dark soil and clolorful leaves.
Mrs. and Mr. Ito took us a nice udon + smoked trout restaurant near one of the Fuji lake
Delicious homemade Japanese dinner at Mrs. and Mr. Ito's. Mrs. and Mr. Ito, 招待してくれてありがとう!