Buildings of desire

Flagship stores of the luxury brands around Omotesando & Aoyama districts in Tokyo

Prada Tokyo (by Herzog & de Meuron)

Prada Tokyo : The essence of a luxurious building for a luxury brand.
요즘 말끝마다 명품 소리 하는게 못마땅 하지만 이정도면 소위 ‘명품’에 걸맞는 ‘명품’ 건축이 아닐까싶다.

Tod's Omotesando (by Toyo Ito)

Tod’s Omotesando : Beautiful poetry of Ito. I love this builidng since I went to the lecture of Toyo Ito on this building in Pavillon de l’Arsenal. Unfortunately the interior furnitures of Zaha Hadid are the only mistake. Don’t matching each other.

Dior Omotesando (by SANAA)

Dior : Why not? But nothing new.

Comme des Garçons (by Future System)

Comme des garçons : Architecturally saying, it’s strange how the shop is hidden from the main façade. But the collection itself was the most interesting of all. I recommend checking it out.