Shinae’s Shinagawa memory lane | 자유부인의 동경 추억여행

‘Palace Heights’, Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan

Se souvenir de belles choses…

My sister Shinae and I went to Tokyo.
For my sister, she hadn’t been away from her two-years old son since his birth.
For us, it was the second time to go travelling together since the trip to Guam in 1995.
Both were excited by this trip. We enjoyed a lot though the weather had been real bad all week long.

My sister had lived in Tokyo in 1999.
After 10 years, in Tokyo, we went to Shinagawa to look for her previous home ‘pa-le-su ha-i-tsu (palace heights)’. Though Palace height wasn’t there any more, that ruined empty space made us recollect her ‘palesu haitsu’ days and my firt visit to Tokyo.

자유부인의 동경으로의 추억여행