Workshopper in Arcosanti

Arcosanti, Arizona, USA
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I learned about Arcosanti, an experimental town (so-called an urban laboratory) in 2006 when I was working on my diploma. I did love thoughts of Paolo Soleri (Italien architect, founder of Arcosanti) on the urbanism or the life itself.  I thought it would be great to visit Arcosanti one day. In 2009, here I am. I spent 10 days here with great people, participating in the workshop.

At first sight, Arcosanti was quite different than what I’d imagined : it seemed to suffer from progressing projects due to difficulties of raising funds. Yes, they have money problem. But soon, I realized that they or Paolo Soleri might choose to be poor and experimental rather than rich and commercial.  Anyhow, I do admire Paulo Soleri and Arcosanti people’s beautiful thoughts,minds and courage. I hope that Arcosanti find a better way to balance between being experienced and for-profit. I’ll be back.

Arcosanti, Arizona

Visitor Center, Arcosanti

Dinner at cafe terrace : Morgan,Tommy,Daniel, Paolo and me
Nature walk with Roger
Nature walk with Roger
Mesa around Arco
Mesa around Arco
Mesa in front of Arco
Romantic Arco, watching the stars at night from the rooftop
Arcosanti at 6am through the mosquite net in my room