Ciudad Abierta de Ritoque (Open city of Ritoque), Chile

Ciudad Abierta de Ritoque (Open city of Ritoque), Concon, Chile

View of the open city of Ritoque
View of the open city of Ritoque

This place was one of the biggest reason for me to stop over in Santiago.

How can I describe this place? I would like to call it a fantastic playground for the architects. It´s located on the Ritoque beach, 16km north of Valparaiso. It´s an experimental village founded by architects,artists and poets in 1970, for creating a city beyond the regulation and tradition. The name of the city, derived from the Italian film “Roma città aperta”, means a city without protection.

After the main gate, officially closed but easily opend by anyone, there are buildings(housing, workshop for Valparaiso university students etc.) and sculptures here and there without any wall in between. The students of the architecture faculty of PUCV co-participated with many of projects. Nobody owns a house. It´s the Corporación Cultural Amereida that manages the site. There are more infos and photos on their site.

Local people even didn´t know what this place was. They called it ´place with some weird architecture’. Isolated and empty, This place made me feel like being in another world.

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