6 days in Chile

In Santiago, Chile
In June 2009

View of Santiago from Cerro San Sebastian
View of Santiago from cerro(hill) San Crisobal
La Chimba Hostel
La Chimba Hostel

It wasn’t my plan to stay in Santiago. I thought to stay for a few hours in Santiago in transit to Bolivia.
But I met Coni and Javi, Chilian architecture students at the hostel in Sao Paulo. Talking with them, I got more interested in Chile.
Moreover I failed again to get my visa to Bolivia in Brazil.(I´d tried to get a visa for 3 weeks in Paris, but had failed. It´s a long and boring story about Bolivian bureaucracy)

So I changed my schedule to stay for 6 days in Santiago and Valparaiso.

Since I arrived to Chile from Brazil, I could feel so much different between 2 countries. Everything seems to calm down in Chile. People and landscape are so quite and zen, while Brazilans are so passionate and dynamic. The coolest landscape in Santiago is the Andes mountains which surround the city.

Yes it´s winter in the southern hemisphere. During the day, it´s quite warm. I got even tanned. But during the night, it’s cold. In the hostel, I had to buy all kinds of winter clothes. The funny thing is that I bought a sweather and pants all in red which is very unusual for me. Having been cold made me choose red.

My favorite place in Santiago was La Chascona, Pablo Neruda´s house.  He built this house originally to hide his maitress Mathilda. Neruda had a good taste for design and architecture. So many interesting tiny spaces and art collections. Too bad that they didn´t allow to take pictures inside the house.

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